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The Blacksmith's Daughter & The Show Pony
Children's Horse Book for Young Readers 8 - 12
Sophie is horse crazy! She has been learning to ride at the local riding school on a sweet pony called Puddin. He's so cheeky! And then there's Domino Star - he is the most beautiful show pony ever! Sophie adores him. But when Sophie gets her chance to ride Puddin at the local gymkhana she doesn't expect to be competing against Domino Star. His 'super-brat' owner Rebecca is training to ride him in the Royal Show. She's angry... and determined not to let some girl on a Riding School 'nag 'get in her way. 
Will Sophie and Puddin get a clear round in the junior jumping competition and make it through to the jump-off? And what will happen to Domino Star when he is hurt and Rebecca rejects him? Join Sophie on her horse-riding adventures with Puddin and her heartwarming struggle to save Domino Star.

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