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Personal stuff:

I am fortunate to live in the charming coastal town of Point Lonsdale. Famous for The Rip - the most treacherous and dangerous stretch of water that has claimed many ships and lives. The ever changing ocean scenes - passing ships, surf culture and waves are a daily inspiration.

Equestrian history:

Growing up in the Macedon Ranges countryside and riding horses from an early age, my love for horses was a foundation for a successful career as a professional equestrian photographer and photojournalist. This was shooting film. I had a Fuji Image Plaza photo lab retail shop also, and after years in this business, which had extended to weddings and family portraits.

People - Portfolios - Fashion:

Meeting a film producer was pivotal to channeling my skills to personalised shoots on location with models, actors and also films stills. I enjoy working with male models and actors to develop eye catching authentic portfolios. This genre speaks for itself. A blend of cinematic fashion and street style. As an observational purist, my work is said to evoke strong feelings and sensuality. Created organically to tell a story.

Surf - Ocean - Sport

Whether it's catching the surf action or simply portraying the everchanging seascape, I love to spend time lost on the coast. There's no better way to connect to the earth!



Find your beauty



Country to ocean

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